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Dragon SR2

Dragon Sr2 P1/P2

SCCA Runoffs 2007

This Dragon Project started in 2004 and hit the track for the first time in 2006.  The Aluminum Monocouqe chassis is designed around a specific set of aerodynamic principles and features a much larger and effective underbody than the “tunnel” type cars.  This means less wing is necessary to meet lift targets giving less drag on the track.

Sr2 sans Bodywork  
·         Aluminum full monocoque chassis
·         Front undertray diffusers
·         Carbon fiber Main Diffuser
·         SFRE Carbon fiber 1 or 2 element wing
·         Quaife based Final drive torque sensing under acceleration and braking
·         Accepts most motorcycle packages (auto package/FTR available)
·         820 lbs ready to race

Quaife base Differential in Sr2

Creation of a Dragon
Building a completely new car starts with a set of ideas and targets, moves to design and then the dust starts to fly when components, chassis and bodywork are made.  Here are a few progress shots of the 001 Sr2 build.

Beginning of the Body Buck

Many hours later….

Components like these Billet rear uprights
are built onsite, not outsourced.

Fitting aluminum panels for solid riveting

Center tub Mockup

Back up on the work table to mount the body

Finally at the track, on the Provosional Pole 2008 Runoffs

At the 2014 Solo Nationals with 3E Solo Wing 

Dragon SR1