Small Fortune Racing
Specialists in SCCA Club and Solo race cars
Wings:  Small Fortune has been working with both solo and track wings since 1997.  We have a variety of profiles and arrays that can optimize your lift to drag ratio for the kind of racing that you pursue.  Whether you you are looking for maximum downforce for an Amod special that needs maximum load at less than 90 MPH or a slippery single element for 170 mph we can provide it.

Bmod Solo/Hillclimb Wing

Amod multi element, SFRE Profiles

DSR Rain wing and Diffuser

Even with big wings an Amod can still lift a wheel on Concrete!

Underbody Aero and Bodywork:  If you need a slick diffuser for the front or the rear of your car, we can provide it!  Call us to discuss your particular needs.

Rear Diffuser & 2E Wing

Front Diffuser for Sports Racer