Small Fortune Racing
Specialists in SCCA Club and Solo race cars

We perform all kinds of fabrication on site, including suspension, monocoque chassis construction, exhaust systems and composite patterns. Work is completed with correct engineering and attention to detail.  This gives us complete control over the progress of your job – no waiting for subcontractors to get motivated.

Custom suspension fabrication
Below is an example of suspension fabrication on a customer’s Van Dieman F-Ford. The new geometry, upper arms and anti-roll bar location all work together to provide the positive control that this car lacked from the factory.

RF84 with SFRE upper A arms, geometry, anti-roll bar and improved chassis plates

Custom headers and exhaust fabrication
This is an example of a merge collector exhaust designed and built at Small Fortune. Designed for the Kawasaki ZX12 engine mounted in our F1 Solo/Hillclimb chassis, it incorporates a spiral flow silencer that is extremely efficient, quiet and compact.

ZX12 Header and exhaust, five pieces, before ceramic coating

RX8 Stainless Exhaust

Suzuki GSXR Header in process

Chassis fabrication

We repair all kinds of chassis including brazed tube, welded tube and aluminum monocoque. Our monocoque repairs are performed following aerospace procedures and using appropriate fasteners and materials appropriate to the very high loads of racing.

Need a roll cage for a new car or class?  SFRE can fabricate what you need, not sell you something pre-fabbed that is almost right.
Rear bulkhead area of a Tui A Modified car.
Note aircraft solid rivets as well as blind rivets. All bottom surface rivets countersunk.

Dragon Sr2 Prototype

Specialty Part Fabrication

We perform our own machining at SFRE. Below is an internal view of our 2-stage dry sump pump built for the Suzuki GSXR 1000 engine. Not relying on outside vendors for short run parts allows us to be extremely responsive to your needs.

Suzuki pump with cap assembly removed.