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Dragon Sr1 DSR/Bmod Solo


This Is where the Dragon’s all began.  After racing a Legrand 25 for a few years Bill Gendron decided to improve the car with major chassis, drivetrain and aero changes.  He campaigned the new car in Solo and on the track from 1994 through 2001, winning the Bmod National Championship in 1997.

            The name?  For those who like Science Fiction, you may have read Anne McCaffery’s novels about a society where humans have a symbiotic relationship with dragons.  Ruth is the name of a special White Dragon (the only one ever hatched).  He is small in stature but large in accomplishment.  All Ms. McCaffery’s dragons have names ending in “th”, so do all Dragon cars.

·         Aluminum full monocoque chassis
·         Race prepared engine by Orient Express
·         SFRE Carbon fiber 2 element wing
·         Flat floor with rear diffuser
·         802 lbs ready to race

On the Track @ NHMS

The Dragon Sr1 has become a dominant Solo Chassis, many of the Dragon improvements can be added to older Legrand cars

Snowmobile Powered Sr1
With Sorcerer Body

Bmod grid @ Solo Nationals, every Bmod at the 2012 and 2013 Solo Nationals
had SFRE Dragon components

Ruth was sold in 2002 to my good friend, the late Tommy Saunders who drove it exclusively in Solo and along with his co drivers won an additional 7 National Solo Championships.  It is still running solo and is always one of the cars to beat.

Ruth and Tommy in 2012