Small Fortune Racing
Specialists in SCCA Club and Solo race cars
Small Fortune Racing Can Supply Sway Bars for many popular cars as well as create almost any custom bar for your needs. While many drivers win with our Honda S2000 bars, we have also produced bars for formula cars, solo and road racers. We have designed and built sway bar kits for Iso Rivolta sports cars and even a Messerschmitt 3 wheeler! Call with your needs and let us help you win.

Testimonial from S2000 customer:
                "I finished installing the bar you sent me last night. Holy crap man, I have a completely different car now! I'm currently on the 4th hole as you recommended. I've got an autocross this weekend to test it out and see how it does…Thanks again for the quality work and speedy delivery! I am extremely happy with the result so far!"