Small Fortune Racing
Specialists in SCCA Club and Solo race cars

Suspension is the difference between winning and losing!  Whether you drive your car on the track, in Autocross or prefer performance driving Small Fortune Racing can engineer a suspension package for your car and your activity.  We do not just put a group of parts in a box and send it to you, each application gets reviewed and run through our experience based process of identifying the correct spring, shocks and sway bars for each customer.  Whether we are tuning for a Street class Honda or a Carbon fiber chassis track bullet, SFRE uses our proprietary method for improving your car.  We have often improved already winning cars for customers who are running “the known hot setup” by going through the development matrix we have developed over 20+ years of track experience.  Our motto says it all: 
Small Fortune Racing, Performance Engineers

Small Fortune Racing has a close association with Motion Control Suspension and can supply shocks or struts for your racer. We run these products on our works Dragon and have supplied setups for National Championship drivers running our Honda S2000 products, Street Prepared classes, as well as racers running Production based cars as well as formula and prototypes on the track.

Motion Control 2 Way Adjustable Shock
with Standard Reservoir

Motion Control shocks and struts are world class dampers with several engineering features which make them superior to other brands. There are multiple levels of suspension: 2 way adjustable shocks, 2 way adjustable Custom valve shocks and 3 way adjustable shocks.

2013 brings the newest MCS product, a high performance single or double adjustable shock with adjustable gas pressure and no external reservoir. This allows the driver who is restricted by the rules to a non reservoir shock get all of the performance and adjustability of a true racing damper.

With 20 years of suspension design and tuning experience, Small Fortune and MCS can support your racing or solo efforts with parts that work the moment they hit the pavement. A dedicated MCS factory service staff in Georgia means no waiting for support from Europe (or wherever).

A note about shocks: Have you bought big $ shocks and found that it took 6 months of racing to “dial them in”? Just when you got them right they started to leak? I can tell you right now that we have never had a quality failure of an MCS shock. They last 2-3 times longer between rebuilds than Brand P or O shocks. Also, the original factory valving is so well matched to the car that I have yet to see a vehicle that is not setup within the limits of the adjusting curves. If you are going to spend big $ you should get big results and big quality. Motion Control Suspension has both.