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Small Fortune Racing

69 Stafford Hollow Rd.
Monson, MA 01057

Phone: 1 (413) 267-0904
Small Fortune Racing is a Solo/Club Race/Engineering shop focused on providing excellence for amateur drivers, owners and sports car enthusiasts. Located in Monson, Massachusetts, Small Fortune, is operated by Bill and Matt Gendron. In this rural setting, they tune all kinds of sports car platforms as well as produce the highly successful Dragon cars.

The Dragon line includes the Sr1 DSR, with 4 National championships in Solo, the F1, overall winner at the 1998 Solo championships, a couple of Dragon specials, including Larry Shauf's 2003 National champion Lotus/Dragon and the newest entry, the Sr2 for DSR and CSR Club Racing/Solo.

At the 2005 Solo Nationals, numerous trophy's were won by SFRE drivers, including Championships in B Modified (Dragon Sr1), D Modified (Lotus/Dragon) and A Stock Ladies (Honda S2000).

Services provided: design and fabrication of parts and entire cars, on site machining and fabrication, engine/gearbox service, suspension analysis, race prep/maintenance of specialty cars and Advanced Solo driving schools. We don't just assemble cars at SFRE, we build what is needed to make them their best.

It is always our intent to provide high value and timely service to our customers. When you want it done right the first time, call SFRE.

Our Staff...

Bill Gendron

Owner and Chief Engineer Former Aerospace engineer, Bill ran his first Solo event as a college student in 1970.  He has operated SFRE as a full time business since 1994 been built,designd and raced Street,Solo and Club Racing cars, winning a Solo National Championship in 1997 and the Stirling Moss driving Championship twice.  Driving in the Runoffs in 2006, 2007 and 2008, Bill has also owned multiple lap records at tracks in the North East.

Engineer and Driver

1987: SFRE starts as a Hobby Business

1997:  Bmod National Championship with            highly modified LeGrand DSR.

1998: First Dragon Sports Racer and Open          wheel designs are built

2005: Dragon Sr2  hits the track

Matthew Gendron

Racing since his 12th birthday, he has raced motorcycles in Enduros and Motocross, driven Solo and Track Events and run a semi-pro road race team. A veteran of the Army and Navy, Matt is and avid bicyclist and cross training enthusiast.

Engineer and Driver

1996: Joins SFRE the first time.

2014: Rejoins SFRE after traveling the                world

Ashley Goulet

As the designer of this very site, she is dedicated to keeping the readers informed of all the products and services available from Small Fortune Racing.

Web Designer

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