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Installation Instructions for Mazda Rx-8  

Installation Instructions for Mazda Rx-8 front sway bar

1.       Remove stock front bar, mounts and links.

2.       Grease new mount bushings with synthetic chassis or wheel bearing grease.

3.       Install new bar, spacers and mounts on car.  Place alignment spacers outside of the chassis mounts, inboard of the splines.

4.       Coat the splines of the sway bar with antisieze compound and install the right hand arm.  Arm has the same path as the original sway bar.  Let the right arm rest on the lower suspension arm.

5.       Install the left arm so that the arms are parallel.  Torque the pinch bolts to 25-30 ft lbs.

6.       Install the rod end links. Approximate length for the sway bar links is 3.25” (82 mm) center to center.  The links are mounted with the supplied 2” bolts at the sway bar arm end and the captive studs on the suspension arm.  Link should be positioned at the rear of the eyelet on the suspension arm.  Torque link bolts to 20-25 ft lbs.

7.       Attach one link to the arm and suspension.  Links fasten to the outside of the sway bar arm.

8.       Links should be adjusted to yield zero preload on the sway bar when the car is on the ground and the driver is in place.  The easiest way to adjust the preload is to roll the car onto a platform such as a 2x6 board or oil change ramp and have a helper adjust the link length on the second link.  It is very important to roll the car onto the platform with the driver in place!  Do not jack up the car and drop it onto the platform without rolling it!

9.       Sway bar rates: Softest position = hole closest to the end of the arm.  Stiffest position = hole closest to the sway bar.

10.    After the first 50 miles, check all fasteners for correct torque.  Grease the chassis mounts monthly with synthetic chassis grease.

11.    If installing rear links:  Links have captive studs on both ends.  Set for approximately 3.25” (82 mm) length and set for zero preload as per the directions for the front sway bar.