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Honda S2000 front sway bar kit
(the "Gendron Bar")

Small Fortune Racing builds the most successful front sway bar kit for the S2000 Honda. Our customers have had tremendous success at Solo, track and on the street. In production since 2001, 12 Open National Champions in Solo (as of 2013) and 2013 National Pro Solo Overall Champion Nick Barbato have used our bar kit. The SFRE Bar is the one to run.

Standard 1.25” Sway Bar Kit
Our sway bar is a straight splined bar, 1.25" outside diameter. It has machined and formed arms with six adjustment positions. Three bar stiffness’, solid, .25" wall and .188" wall are available. It comes standard with grease-able urethane chassis mounts and high angularity spherical jointed end links with Grade 8 hardware. Bars and arms are powder coated. Black bars are generally in stock. Other colors are available by special order. Pricing for the black bar is $699 plus shipping. We also provide suggested alignment settings with this kit. Installation requires no modifications to the car and can be performed by the average enthusiast.
$699 plus shipping

S2000 Front SWB with standard mounts

The “Monster Bar”

For drivers with stock springs looking for the last bit of performance we offer the Monster Bar. This custom built 1.375” OD hollow bar is the stiffest S2000 bar we sell. Add this bar to sticky tires and race shocks and you will be ready for the Lincoln concrete. The Monster Kit is $899 complete with standard mounts, links and hardware.

Ball Bearing Mounts for the S2000

Fitting all of our S2000 front bars are the sealed ball bearing mounts.

These rugged, no maintenance parts have extremely low friction and give the driver the best feedback possible. These mounts are 300% stiffer than the stock Honda chassis mounts and use self aligning steel ball bearings. Highly recommended for all S2000, essential if running the Monster bar.  Priced at $299 in black powder coat.

Note: If BB Mounts are ordered with any front SWB kit there is a $20 discount.

S2000 Rear Bar
This lightweight bar comes standard with ball bearing mounts, Teflon lined links and aluminum arms. The .120” wall hollow bar saves 3.5 lbs over stock and has a lower Moment of Inertia than the stock bar. Perfect for S2000’s running in STR or at the track with stiffer than stock springs.

Price is $649 complete with all parts necessary for easy installation. Available in Hollow .120” wall and solid kits.