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Installation Instructions  

Installation Instructions for Mazda MX5 Front Sway Bar

1.       Remove stock front sway bar links.  Remove front sway bar mounts , saving nuts for re-use.  Remove front sway bar by sliding it out.

2.       Install new mounts observing the etched directions for outside and top. 

3.       Slide 2 bolt collars onto each end of the sway bar and hand tighten.  Slide the sway bar across the car and through the bearing/mounts. 

4.       Install bearings to mounts with supplied 1” bolts, washers and locknuts; mount bolts insert from inside to outside.  Order of assembly is Mount, Bearing plate, Bearing, and Bearing plate, from inside to outside.   Center the sway bar and tighten the 2 bolt collars to prevent the sway bar from shifting.

5.       Coat the exposed (Non-coated) portion of the sway bar with a light coat of grease to prevent corrosion.  Coat the splines of the sway bar lightly with antisieze compound and install the sway bar arms taking care to clock them to the same position.  Milled surfaces go to the inside of the car.

6.       Torque the pinch bolts to 25-30 ft lbs.  These bolts will need to be checked for torque after 50-100 miles.  After retorque they do not need to rechecked.

7.       Install the rod end links.  Link can be positioned on either side of the mount lug on the suspension, but the links should be as vertical as possible.  To utilize all of the adjustment range the links will need to be moved from the front of the lug to the rear or vice/versa.  Torque link bolts to 20-25 ft lbs.

8.       Attach one link to the arm and suspension.  Links fasten to the outside of the sway bar arm with the nuts and washers on the inside.

9.       Links should be adjusted to yield zero preload on the sway bar when the car is on the ground and the driver is in place.  The easiest way to adjust the preload is to roll the car onto a platform such as a 6x6 board or oil change ramp and have a helper adjust the link length on the second link.  It is very important to roll the car onto the platform with the driver in place!  Do not jack up the car and drop it onto the platform without rolling it!  Do not turn the wheels, but set the link length with the wheels straight ahead!

10.    Sway bar  rates: Softest position = hole closest to the end of the arm.  Stiffest position = hole closest to the sway bar.

11.    After the first 50-100  miles, check all fasteners for correct torque.