Small Fortune Racing
Specialists in SCCA Club and Solo race cars

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Small Fortune Racing is a Solo/Club Race/Engineering shop focused on providing excellence for amateur drivers, owners and sports car enthusiasts. Located in Monson, Massachusetts, SFRE was founded in 1986.  We tune all kinds of sports car platforms as well as produce the exciting Dragon F1, Dsr and Csr cars.   Let us bring our 35 years of sports car experience to your car!

New products:
                                                           Mazda Miata NA and NB Sway Bars

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Club Racing Cars: and constructors of the Dragon Sr1 and Sr2 CSR/DSR prototypes. We can support your effort with a full range of improvement, setup and on site services.

Solo Cars: Small Fortune can get you ready for solo with shock and setup work, roll cage construction or, if you are ready, a Dragon F1 open wheel car like the one Bill Goodale used to win the SCCA National Championship.

Door Slammers: Need to upgrade your stock bodied race car? Stripping and prepping for next season? We have extensive experience with improving unit bodies and production suspension.

Fabrication Services: Whether your needs are monocoque, carbon or tube Small Fortune can provide engineering and fabrication services to solve your problems.

Street/ Enthusiast Cars: We can help you get the most out of your street car with tuning, shocks and alignment services.